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Our 90 years' experience as Chain Suppliers has given us extensive knowledge and technical expertise in manufacturing, exporting and distribution in this very specialised market. As Chain Specialists we therefore provide the service that enables you to source all your chain products reliably, quickly and competitively from one supplier.

Our product range includes:-

  • Welded Chain & Accessories – in Steel & Stainless Steel
  • Small & Decorative Chains + Fittings - in Brass & Steel
  • Chain Assemblies – Plumbing, Identity, Key and to Customers’ Own Requirements.
  • Security Products – Chains, Cables, Locks & Ground Anchors.
  • Wire Rope – Rope, Grips & Thimbles.
  • Marine/Yachting – Chains & Ancillary Fittings.
  • Plastic – Chains, Posts, Bases & Fittings.
  • Rope - Polypropylene & Multifunction
  • Ironmongery - Hinges, Latches, Hasps & Staples, Security Bolts
  • Snowchains – for Cars, 4x4’s, Vans & Trucks.

Being specialists, our sales team are experts in this field ready to answer your technical queries and guide you on the best products for your needs.

We are a friendly, helpful, dedicated team of real people who you can talk to and who go the extra mile for all our customers

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