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Dee Shackles - Stainless Steel (AISI 316)
Shackles are an important component in nearly all types of rigging situations where removable links are required to connect chain or wire rope to other fittings.  Dee Shackles - also known as Chain Shackles - are used on single leg systems where the connection is concentrated at the top of the shackle. For situations where the shackle is used as a joining point for several multi-directional connections a Bow Shackle is more suitable.
Used mainly in the marine or architectural fields. Steel Dee Shackles are also available. 

Product CodeBody & Pin Size (mm)Inside Length
x Width (mm)
685 04416 X 8
685 05519 X 10
685 06625 X 13
685 08830 X 16
685 101038 X 19
685 121244 X 23
685 141447 X 25
685 161653 X 29

Long Dee Shackles - Stainless Steel (AISI 316)

Product CodeBody & Pin Size (mm)Inside Length
x Width (mm)
MAR015 44430 X 8
MAR015 45537 X 10
MAR015 46645 X 12
MAR015 48860 X 16
MAR015 501070 X 20
MAR015 521284 X 24


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