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Eyenuts DIN 582 - Forged Steel
Similar to Eyebolts, Forged Eyenuts are designed to be used with guiding wire and tie downs.  Threaded, they are secured down using a suitable threaded bolt or allthread.  Whilst stronger than machine Eyenuts, our Forged Eyenuts are not load-rated and are therefore not suitable for lifting applications.

Product CodeSizeInside Ø (mm)
713 06M620
713 08M820
713 10M1025
713 12M1230
713 14M1430
713 16M1635
713 18M1838
713 20M2040
713 22M2247
713 24M2450

Finishes: self colour; zinc plated
Supplied: 10 per bag; bulk in 100's

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