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White Epoxy Coated Steel Dee Shackles

For use with our Red / White Epoxy Coated Steel Welded Chain to attach the chain to posts or fixings for metal chain barrier systems - similar to the plastic variety.

  • Suitable for outdoor environments usually where a barrier is needed for safety reasons such as in warehouses and industrial units, on garage forecourts, driveways and parking areas, hospitals, oil rigs, etc.
  • Electro-galvanised steel for strength and corrosion-resistance
  • Epoxy coated finish for additional durability and high visibility
  • Helps create a flexible barrier which can be put up, altered or taken down quickly and easily
  • Matching Red/White Chain and other fittings also available

Product CodeDescriptionBody & Pin Size (mm)Inside Length
x Width (mm)
68305WFWhite Epoxy Coated Steel Dee Shackles5 19 x 10
68306WFWhite Epoxy Coated Steel Dee Shackles625 x 13
68308WFWhite Epoxy Coated Steel Dee Shackles830 x 16

Finishes: Coloured epoxy paint
Supplied:2 per bag
Colours:White, red

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